The Epitome of Technological and Engineering Excellence

A Revolutionary Reinvention of the Hybrid Bridge for the 21st Century

Introducing the D5 ULTRA Express Implant Solution that allows you to insert restoration 2 DAYS after surgery.

The D5 is a custom milled Nanoceramic bridge chemically bonded to a Kevlar-Nanoceramic custom milled framework with FDA approved Tybases in 2 DAYS after surgery!  It may be the most advanced hybrid bridge in the world.

A simple but Technologically Eloquent Way to a Permanent Smile!

Take Preoperative 3D



Digital Design  

Insert within 2 DAYS!

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How does the D5 Procedure work for your office?  Our system truly takes all the guess work out unlike other systems on the market.

First, we use preoperative 3D Facial technology that merges with digitally scanned postoperative records.  This enables us to ensure midlines, facial profiles and cant of teeth is perfect.  Skip this step and it’s impossible to ­­­reliably deliver a quality restoration.

Second, this technology enables us to send the restorative dentist the actual digital design of the restoration.  You are live on your computer with one of our designers.  You can make changes live.  You know exactly what you and your patient will receive.  If you are considering other systems do they offer this critical step?  You will receive a design proposal within hours of your scan.

Third, no bite rims!  We have a patent pending game changing technique that allows you to take records with no bite rims and is significantly more accurate and faster to digitally scan.

Fourth, other systems that are coming to the market are very coy about what is their final restoration?  It seems some are only using a Nanoceramic material without a reinforcing bar.  Others are requiring dentists to insert and lute cylinders at the chair because their technology is not as advanced as the D5.  As an aside, one large company tested Nanoceramic bridges without bars but found within two years a high failure rate due to cracks and abandoned this technique.  The D5 is truly an engineering and design masterpiece.  The Nanoceramic hybrid is a true telescoping bridge milled to within a 20 micron fit of a bridge to bar, besides having incredible strength, it has incredible esthetics that most patients demand.

Terms of fit of bridge over bar.  It is finished under a microscope.  The tissue surface of the bar and telescoping bridge precisely fit exactly to the tissue.  What we have found from us doing over two hundred arches is less than five percent of cases need relines at first six months cleaning.  In ninety-five percent of cases, tissue perfectly adapts to restoration.  Also, we have almost 99% integration of implants in six months.  We believe the D5, because it has a custom milled bar splinting the implants together with its rigidity, helps implants integrate.  We are excited to help our affiliates insert a final restoration in such a short time.  However, what really matters is that we believe you will simply not be able to find any laboratory that can give you the level of quality, esthetics, and engineering excellence no matter how long you take or how much more you spend.  The D5 ULTRA Restoration is really that good!

Fifth, the ability to insert within 2 DAYS!  Many years ago our office did Teeth in a Week R developed by Nobel Biocare.  It was critical to insert within 5 to 7 days because of extensive research by Nobel that waiting longer could cause implant failure.  Why? Manipulating implants past this date may affect implant integration at the cellular level.

Many experienced attorneys that love to sue dentists know this.  Do your own literature search and then make an informed decision if you want to wait weeks to insert restoration.  Why would you want to wait weeks when your patient could have their restoration in 2 DAYS!

Sixth, the D5 ULTRA Express Implant Solution eliminates months of treatment time and multiple visits.  It will save you hours of chair time to use for more productive procedures.

Seventh, the D5 ULTRA Prettau All Zirconia Hybrid in 5 days!  We know there are many dentists that will accept nothing but zirconia and we have you covered!  With the D5 Technology you perform the same steps and insert your Prettau Restoration that is layered and stained to world class standards.  You simply will not find a more beautiful zirconia restoration.  It was critical to us to let you be able to insert in five days so you take no chance in jeopardizing integration of the implants.

Eighth, the D5 is a proven system.  We are at two hundred arches designed and milled with the D5 system.  Come to a training session and you will leave with the ability Day 1 when you get back to your office to offer this game changing technology to your patients.

What is the D5 ULTRA Express Implant Solution?


D5 ULTRA EXPRESS Implant Solution Advantages:

  1. You will be able to insert a final hybrid bridge with the latest Nanoceramic hybrid material with a custom milled reinforcing bar within 2 days after surgery!
  2. No need to do costly time consuming chairside conversions
  3. Save hours of chair time and months later fabricating final restoration. Time is money and this one advantage will save you thousands in lost chair time you could use on more productive procedures
  4. All-inclusive simplified training for surgeon and restorative dentist
  5. An extensive library of 15 and 30 second commercials, 3 minute mini infomercials and 30 minute full infomercials. You will receive custom PowerPoint presentations for your reception and treatment rooms, wall art and pamphlets.  When you are at our training sessions you can be taped to be inserted into the above commercials.
  6. Use of our agency that specializes in buying of unsold inventory on TV and Radio at steep discounts. Has over 20 years marketing experience in hybrid bridges.
  7. You will also be able to use one of the most advanced design and milling centers in the world for your regular crown and bridges, custom abutment and any form of implant restoration at special savings!!
  8. As part of your training, you will be able to take records, scan and have the worlds most sophisticated digital denture in your office in 2 days to use as an overdenture or full denture
  9. Lastly, our affiliate total investment is less than forty thousand dollars. This includes full training and all equipment.  With this you can take records and digitally scan all information we need in 2 hours.  That’s it!  In 2 DAYS you will receive your patients D5 ULTRA EXPRESS Hybrid Implant Supported Bridge. Or in 5 days insert your Prettau All Zirconia Bridge. You are done!

What is the D5 ULTRA Express, what makes it possible, the company behind the D5 and the experience that goes with it and the business model that can enable our affiliates to dominate their market for Hybrid Bridges.

Full Arch Dental Solutions is the company that makes D5 possible.  It is a company headed by Dr. Joel David and Dr. Daniel Noorthoek.  They bring to the table over twenty five years of experience in surgically placing, restoring and fabricating hybrid restoration.  We have literally surgically placed and restored thousands of hybrid bridges.

We have taken that experience, a lot of time and money, and with it we believe totally reinvented hybrid restorations.  Patients value their time.  Almost half of our patients tell us they went to other offices offering Teeth In A Day.  When they found out it really is temporary teeth in a day and many months later with many visits they finally receive their final restoration, they come see us and have our office fabricate their restoration.  Actually, we have many patients fly to us from all around the country because of the time savings to them.

Ask yourself, if you were a patient and given four ways to get a hybrid bridge which would you choose for yourself?

  1. Come in one morning for surgery and within 2 days come back and receive your final restoration and you’re done. This is the D5 ULTRA Express Implant Solution.
  2. Come in have your teeth removed and, unlike the D5, on double arch cases only have lower implants placed, wait, have upper implants placed, and then spend multiple visits to get your final restorations. Oh by the way, you wear a complete denture the whole time.
  3. You will have your teeth extracted and implants will be inserted on both arches. You will then receive a temporary denture converted with temporary parts and wear this for months.  Finally, the restorative dentist will spend usually many visits and several months to fabricate your final restoration.
  4. You will receive a final restoration in weeks from a milled material that is not zirconia maybe without a reinforcing bar for strength. You are inserting the bridge weeks later even though there is extensive research you should insert sooner because it may affect integration of implants.  If implants fail, the laboratory will not get sued, you may.

If you are a Treatment Plan Coordinator presenting to a patient these four options, which do you think they will choose?

Imagine what you could do with our all-inclusive marketing package in your city when patients find out that your office offers option 1 which is true permanent teeth in 2 DAYS!  We think you will find that you will totally dominate your market as we do in Jacksonville.  Contact us to become part of a select few dentists in the United States that will be able to offer the D5 Ultra Express Implant solution in 2 DAYS!

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