Why Choose D5 Ultra Express

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Remember when we had old clunky analog phones in the 1980’s?  At the time they were a technological  marvel,  Teeth in One Day is the equivalent of these old phones.  Compare these old analog phones with modern sleek smart phones, which would you now pick?

This is the difference between Teeth in A Day® offered by almost any center in the US, compared to the D5 ULTRA Express.  The D5 ULTRA Express Implant Solution is made possible because we own one of the most sophisticated computer design and milling centers in the country.  It is also made possible because we have one of the most experienced team of technicians with years of experience in fabricating hybrid dentures at our D5 facility.

Why settle for an old analog phone like Teeth in A Day® that takes months to finish, when you could have the D5 ULTRA Express Implant Solution totally finished in 24 Hours not months.

D4UltraExpress-Lab from Joel David on Vimeo.

D5 ULTRA Express Implant Solutions
uses 21st Century Technology

  • Totally custom milled Nanoceramic bridge bonded to a custom milled titanium framework.
  • By milling a digitally designed one piece bridge that precisely fits over the titanium bar this dramatically increases the strength of your restoration.
  • Done in 24 Hours!

Teeth In A Day®, All on Four®
uses 20th Century Technology

  • Uses individual denture teeth attached by plastic to the bar, when subjected to compression and side forces when chewing the individual teeth can break off. Unfortunately this was the state of the art until computer technology let us custom design and mill one piece bridges.
  • Use of this old technology means you have to wait many months to get permanent teeth!

Why would most offices still use Denture Teeth processed to bar for hybrids?  Because unless you are willing to make a seven figure investment in the D5 ULTRA Design and Milling Center like we have, you cannot do the D5 procedure.  Unless you also hire some of the most experienced dental technicians in the country with very sophisticated computer design skills you cannot do the D5 ULTRA Procedure.  However almost anyone with a basic old fashioned denture laboratory can send out to have a titanium bar made and then with very little technology and investment can make a hybrid processed to denture teeth.  The disadvantage to patients is it takes months to do and is more prone to breakage.

Let’s Compare Your Options

Compare the differences in other types of dentures

D5 ULTRA Express 24 Hour Solution

  • Permanent Implant Supported Teeth. You do not go out with temporary set of permanent teeth.
  • We use a nanoceramic custom-milled bridge which has incredible strength from breaking.
  • Unlike many centers that use denture teeth over the titanium bar.
  • 100% fully digitally-designed bridge with custom titanium bar.
  • This allows us to easily fabricate one arch with perfect bite and shade match.
  • If you have one arch that is good this means you don’t have to do one unneeded arch! This can save you $15,000-$20,000
  • 5-year unconditional warranty.
  • We only use board-certified surgeons with multi-year residencies in implant surgery, not general dentists who have taken a weekend course in implant dentistry — would you get a bypass surgery from an internist?
  • We offer hospital level IV Sedation or, if you desire, conscious sedation where you are awake.
  • Fee from $22,000.

Some centers that do permanent teeth in 24 hours

  • Only have the ability to do full mouth cases because they do not fully design your case 100% custom.
  • They pre-make small, medium, and large teeth like a shoe store.
  • The biting surface is pre-made so they cannot match another arch.
  • This primitive technique means they many times tell patients they only do full mouth cases.
  • If you have one good arch and only one arch that needs an implant bridge you have to extract good teeth and this can add $15,000-$20,000 to your case!
  • Almost all of their patients have the same style of teeth.
  • Go on pinterest and look at the cases. Look closely, they give patients literally the same style of teeth.

Snap On Dentures

  • Not permanent.
  • Some patients cannot stand to see their face collapse without their teeth in.
  • Puts pressure on gums. It is tissue-based not totally implant supported like fixed-implant bridges.
  • $12,500—$18,000

Large Implant Traditional Centers

  • You only receive temporary set of teeth on day of surgery.
  • Many still use denture teeth processed to titanium bar. They simply don’t compare to the strength nano-ceramic one piece milled bridges.
  • You have to come back months later for your real permanent teeth.
  • This takes multiple visits.
  • $22,000 to usually $28,000
  • Many times costs more than D5 ULTRA Express Implant Solution
  • Teeth not as strong, does not last as long and takes several months to get.

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