The D5 ULTRA EXPRESS Smile Makeover in 24 Hours!

We know what a beautiful smile can mean in business and social occasions for a patient.  It can increase your confidence and make you look younger.  We deliver smiles that are life like, custom designed just for you and look totally natural.

What if, as for many of our patients you could have this amazing transformation in 24 hours!  Do you have an important event where a beautiful smile would be an asset?

Hello I am Dr Joel David and I have spent two years building in house one of the most sophisticated computer dental design and milling centers in the country with a team of master ceramists and dental computer designers.  With this technology we can do up to ten porcelain restorations in just 24 hours!  You simply come in one morning to prepare your teeth and come back the next day and you have a beautiful perfect smile!

Our In-House Milling Center
D5 ULTRA Express Milling Center

D5 UlTRA Express Computer Lab

You may be thinking this is impossible.  Please watch our video to see how the D5 ULTRA Express Design and Milling Center team of specialists make it really very easy to do.

D5 ULTRA Technology for Full Mouth Restorations

David and Associates is one of Jacksonville’s oldest, largest and most experienced multi group specialty practices.  Dr Joel David leads a team of cosmetic dentists, a prosthodontist who is a specialist in performing complex dental reconstructions, a board certified periodontist, a board certified oral surgeon who is also a medical doctor, an orthodontist and now the D5 Ultra Express Computer Designed Milling Center.  We truly have use of the most advanced and equipped dental offices and in house laboratories in the country.

What does this mean for our patients?  It means you will be hard pressed to find any office better equipped and experienced in doing complex full mouth reconstructions.  By that we mean we literally can do periodontal surgery if needed, place implants, design and fabricate crowns, veneers and bridges in one office, any needed extractions, or orthodontic care all in one office.

Our specialists work as a team to plan and execute your case.  You don’t have to drive all over town to see different specialists.  They are all here!

Our goal is to deliver exceptional dentistry and customer service to all our patients.  We want our patients to feel prepared and relaxed.

If you have complex needs and want help please call us at David and Associates Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry Phone Number 904-268-0606 for a consultation.  We can help you.