Special Pricing Thru December 31st, 2018!


Save $7500 with our special holiday pricing. This special offer ends December 31st, schedule your consultation today!

$29,500 for both UPPER and LOWER arches!**

Beginning January 1st, 2019 our fee will again be $19,500 per arch.  At $19,500 per arch this is still one of the best values in the country!  Because of the time savings, if you do two arches, our fee is a remarkable $33,449. This fee includes extractions, implant placement, a nanoceramic bridge with titanium framework, hotel accommodations and ground transportation! We are one of the few practices in the country where you receive a permanent implant bridge in just 24 hours, not temporary teeth!

Compare other offices that offer hybrid implant bridges. You will find with our D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution it not only will save you thousands in many cases but you don’t have to wear temporary teeth for months or, believe it or not, wear a simple denture for months before receiving your permanent teeth like some practices do!

CONSUMER ALERT- Let’s compare options. There are several large centers that do permanent teeth in 24 hours. However, When you call they may tell you they only do full mouth cases. You have to do two arches at the same time, even if you only need one arch! So, let’s say you have your upper teeth in need of an implant supported bridge but your lower teeth are fine, if you go to this large national center they will only do your case if you let them extract your upper and lower teeth. Kind of dumb, isn’t it? If you call them they will tell you they need to do this to match the color of your teeth and your bite.  But, with the D5 Ultra Solution since it is truly  custom designed we have no problem exactly matching your bite or color of teeth if you only need one arch!

Because our nano-ceramic bridge is custom stained by a master ceramist, we have no problem matching your real teeth! Don’t let any office convince you that you need two arches even if one arch doesn’t need it! If they tell you they cannot do one arch they are not truly giving you a custom designed restoration. The problem these offices usually have is, they are like a shoe store! They mill out small, medium and large teeth before they even see you. The inside part of the ceramic restoration that should fit exactly to the bar is hollowed out so it will fit to a bar not custom made for your bridge. It is then filled in with denture plastic that is not even the same material. Because the teeth are pre-made like a shoe store and not custom designed it is easier to fit two arches together so the bite is good, however, this technique does not allow for one arch to be made because a designer doesn’t spend hours like we do with the D5 Ultra to exactly digitally match your good arch, that ethically should not be extracted! Also with our custom software it saves you thousands of dollars because we would never ethically consider extracting good teeth and doing an un needed arch!

Your other option is to go to centers that give you temporary teeth in one day and that usually make you wait months with many visits to get your final teeth and may still use denture teeth instead of a one piece nano-ceramic bridge that is dramatically stronger!

**All-inclusive fee!
Remember the $29,500 is the total global all-inclusive fee. It includes all all extractions except difficult impacted wisdom teeth, almost all bone grafts (except full sinus lifts and severely resorbed ridges, IV hospital-level anesthesia or conscious sedation, your choice. Your surgery is done by one of our board-certified surgeons who have placed thousands of implants.

Experienced and skill
We are one of Florida’s largest, oldest, and most experienced implant centers. We have literally done several thousand hybrid bridges over the last twenty years.

All Procedure Under One Roof!
We are a state-of-the-art office with one of the most advanced in-house milling and design dental laboratories in the world. We have made a multi-million dollar investment in this unique center. Because of this cutting-edge technology that is all digital (not analog), we can lower our fees and for qualified patients, change your life in 24 hours!

For out of Town Guests -Extra Value
If you are considering an implant hybrid bridge (All-on-Four, Teeth-In-A-Day) you might ask why would I drive or fly to your practice when I could get a hybrid bridge done in my hometown?

The answer to this question is why we have SO many patients come see us from out of town.

Hello, my name is Dr. Joel David owner and director of David & Associates. My practice is literally one of a hand full of practices in the US to offer a permanent custom-milled Hybrid Bridge supported by dental implants with a nano-ceramic framework totally done in 24 hours!!

Did you know almost every practice in the US that offers All-On-Four, Hybrid Bridge or Teeth-In-A-Day which does not have an in-house designed milling center like we do, only gives you a temporary denture with temporary parts that screws in on the day of surgery – better be careful when you eat because these can be very fragile and break!  You’re stuck wearing this temporary sometimes for many months before making multiple visits to make the real restoration.

This all-inclusive fee includes a complimentary 3-night stay and all transportation provided to and from the airport if needed by the office Range Rover.

Ask about our Custom Golf Package at extra cost that includes playing at the World Famous TPC, home of the Players Golf Tournament.

Call for a free consultation in our office with free CT Scan ($350 value) or call for a free 30-minute phone conversation for out of town guests at 904-268-0606


**terms and conditions

  • Price quoted is cash fee or use of credit card. We offer many affordable payment plans up to seven years with low interest for patients that are approved.
  • Patient is responsible for fees incurred. Not all patient will be approved.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer
  • On severe complex cases removal of impacted wisdom teeth, old implant removal or severe bone loss reconstruction with grafts may incur additional fees
  • Offer may be cancelled at any time
  • We reserve the right to refuse service