D4 ULTRA Express Implant Solution

Tired of your ill-fitting dentures or have many broken or missing teeth? Have a beautiful life-changing smile anchored by implants in 24 hours!


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David and Associates Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry is one of Florida’s oldest and largest multi-specialty practices. We have successfully placed thousands of implants over twenty five years. Dr. David, Dr. Philips, Dr. Gagaoudakis, Dr. Noorthoek, Dr. Ouellette, Dr. Milton, Dr. Burbank or Dr. Ho offer a full range of dental treatments in Periodontics, OrthodonticsEndodontics and General Dentistry.

D4 Ultra Express Dental Implants

Have Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours, Supported By Implants

D4 Ultra Express Dental Implants, Smiling, Dentures


We are excited to be one of the few practices in the United States to offer the ability to truly make a permanent dentures attached to implants in just 24 hours!

If you have been considering ClearChoice® know with ClearChoice® you get only a temporary set of permanent teeth on your day of surgery. After four or five months over many visits you finally get your real permanent set of teeth. Teeth in One Day really is teeth in around six months!


Special offer for out-of-state or out-of-city residents


Types of Dentures

If you have uncomfortable Dentures or have Many Broken, Failing, or Missing Teeth… D4 Ultra Express may be the solution. See how D4 Ultra Express compares to other denture treatments and dental implants.

D4 ULTRA Express 24 Hour Solution

Traditional Denture

Snap On Dentures

Large Implant Traditional Centers

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We work with children and adults to straighten your teeth and improve your smile. Braces use constant, gentle pressure, applied to your teeth over time, to move them into proper position. Feel confident in your smile with Invisalign or traditional metal braces. Find out what types of braces with best fit your need by contacting our office to schedule an appointment with our orthodontist.

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