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D4 ULTRA Express Implant Solution

Tired of your ill-fitting dentures or have many broken or missing teeth? Have a beautiful life-changing smile anchored by implants in 24 hours!


BioHorizons logo with made in the USAWe are one of few practices in the world that offers our clients a custom milled hybrid bridge, with a custom milled titanium bar in 24 hours. With almost all other practices you only get a temporary denture connected with screws into your implants.
We could use far less costly foreign knockoff implants designed for third world countries like many practices now do. We only use premium American researched and made implants. I have personally gone to one of their precision facilities and toured their facility with its CEO. Did you know the average time from when a Biohorizon implant is made to when it is allowed to be sent out is 3 months! This is because of all the quality control steps their implants go through. If you are considering an implant bridge you should realize the longevity of the bridge is no better than the implants it is attached to. If you are considering a permanent implant bridge always ask the office, Are you using foreign cheaper implants originally designed for third world countries because they could not afford premium implants?

Dentist Jacksonville FL

David and Associates Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry in Jacksonville is one of Florida’s oldest and largest multi-specialty practices. We have successfully placed thousands of implants over twenty five years. Dr. David, Dr. Philips, Dr. Noorthoek, Dr. Ouellette, Dr. Burbank and Dr. Ho offer a full range of dental treatments in Periodontics, OrthodonticsEndodontics and General Dentistry.

D4 Ultra Express Dental Implants

Have Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours, Supported By Implants

D4 Ultra Express Dental Implants, Smiling, Dentures


We are excited to be one of the few practices in the United States to offer the ability to truly make a permanent hybrid bridge  attached to implants in just 24 hours!

If you have been considering teeth-in-a-day options know that with many you get only a temporary set of permanent teeth on your day of surgery. After several months and over numerous visits you finally get your real permanent set of teeth. Teeth in One Day really is teeth after many months!


Special offer for out-of-state or out-of-city residents

D4 ULTRA Express Implant Solution Special!

D4 ULTRA Express Implant Solution may be the best value in the United States at $17,500 per arch until September 30th, 2017. This is the total global all-inclusive fee! It includes all extractions if needed, all bone grafts (except full sinus lifts), IV hospital level anesthesia or conscious sedation, your choice. All surgery is done by one of our two board certified surgeons who have placed thousands of implants. It includes all follow-up appointments and cleanings for a year. Call 904-268-0606 to schedule today!

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If you have uncomfortable Dentures or have Many Broken, Failing, or Missing Teeth… D4 Ultra Express may be the solution. See how D4 Ultra Express compares to other denture treatments and dental implants.

D4 ULTRA Express 24 Hour Solution

  • Permanent Implant Supported Teeth. You do not go out with temporary set of permanent teeth.
  • We use a nano-ceramic custom-milled bridge which has incredible strength from breaking.
  • Unlike many centers that use denture teeth over the titanium bar.
  • 5 year unconditional warranty.
  • We only use board-certified surgeons with multi-year residencies in implant surgery, not general dentists who have taken a weekend course in implant dentistry — would you get a bypass surgery from an internist?
  • We offer hospital level IV Sedation or, if you desire, conscious sedation where you are awake.
  • Fee from $22,000.

Traditional Denture

  • Have to cover the roof of the mouth for suction. This covers up half your taste buds.
  • You can only chew with around 20% of your normal biting power.
  • Sore Spots.
  • Bone goes away.
  • $1,000—$10,000

Snap On Dentures

  • Not permanent.
  • Some patients cannot stand to see their face collapse without their teeth in.
  • Puts pressure on gums. It is tissue-based not totally implant supported like fixed-implant bridges.
  • $12,500—$18,000

Large Implant Traditional Centers

  • You only receive temporary set of teeth on day of surgery.
  • Many still use denture teeth processed to titanium bar. They simply don’t compare to the strength of nano-ceramic one piece milled bridges.
  • You have to come back months later for your real permanent teeth.
  • This takes multiple visits.
  • $22,000 to usually $28,000
  • Many times costs more than D4 ULTRA Express Implant Solution
  • Teeth not as strong, does not last as long and takes several months to get.

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If you are a dentist looking to bring the D4 Ultra Express Implant Solution to your practice, visit our Affiliate Program page to find out how!


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