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D5 ULTRA Express Implant Solution

Tired of your ill-fitting dentures or have many broken or missing teeth? Have a beautiful life-changing smile anchored by implants in 24 hours!


BioHorizons logo with made in the USAWe are one of few practices in the world that offers our clients a custom milled hybrid bridge, with a custom milled titanium bar in 24 hours. With almost all other practices you only get a temporary denture connected with screws into your implants.
We could use far less costly foreign knockoff implants designed for third world countries like many practices now do. We only use premium American researched and made implants. I have personally gone to one of their precision facilities and toured their facility with its CEO. Did you know the average time from when a Biohorizon implant is made to when it is allowed to be sent out is 3 months! This is because of all the quality control steps their implants go through. If you are considering an implant bridge you should realize the longevity of the bridge is no better than the implants it is attached to. If you are considering a permanent implant bridge always ask the office, Are you using foreign cheaper implants originally designed for third world countries because they could not afford premium implants?

Dentist Jacksonville FL

David and Associates Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry in Jacksonville is one of Florida’s oldest and largest multi-specialty practices. We have successfully placed thousands of implants over twenty five years. Dr. David, Dr. Philips, Dr. Noorthoek, Dr. Ouellette, Dr. Burbank and Dr. Ho offer a full range of dental treatments in Periodontics, OrthodonticsEndodontics and General Dentistry.


Powered by One N Done technology, this revolutionary process allows for complete teeth restoration in just 1 day after surgery!

The D5 is a custom milled Nanoceramic bridge bonded to a custom milled titanium framework inserted 1 DAY after surgery! If you want a permanent solution tomorrow, call us today! You can have one of the most advanced hybrids in the world totally done in 24 hours so you can get on with your life and enjoy your beautiful smile.


One of the few facilities in the world to be able to offer this technology

Advanced Technology

David & Associates is pleased to be one of the few facilities in the world to be able to offer our patients a custom milled hybrid bridge, with a milled titanium frame work in 24 hours with just one visit!

Custom Designed Smiles

We know what a beautiful smile can mean in business and social occasions for a patient. It can increase your confidence and make you look younger. We deliver smiles that are life like, custom designed just for you and look totally natural.

Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours

While traditional methods can take up to 20 weeks to complete, with D5 you simply come in one morning to prepare your teeth and come back the next day to have your restoration finalized and a beautiful perfect smile!

D4 is now D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution

David & Associates Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry is pleased to announce that the D4 Ultra Express is now the D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution, powered with One N Done technology.

Hybrid Bridge Using the Latest Resin-Infused Ceramic

After months reengineering software, milling strategies, and investments in multiple new milling machines, we’re now able to offer our patients the latest resin infused ceramic that is dramatically stronger and more aesthetic than the previous material used in the D4.

This revolutionary material combines exceptional strength and unparalleled aesthetics. The material is so strong and hard that normal milling machines will not mill it. What this means for our patients is increased strength, longevity and aesthetics.

When it comes to new permanent teeth, there’s really just one choice… D5 Ultra Express

We have proudly helped hundreds of patients achieve smiles that brought new meaning to their lives

Enjoying Life With A Beautiful Smile

Thirty-year old Brandon has a lot to smile about now. At age 19, Brandon was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and chemotherapy treatments caused his teeth to decay rapidly until they were no longer functional.

Brandon is now cancer-free, able to eat normally and with a lot to smile about with his new set of D5 teeth.

“I’m still getting used to not having to hide my teeth. In a way, I really had to learn how to smile again.”
– Brandon


Say “NO” To Non-100% Digitally Designed Teeth


All They Offer is a Temporary Denture

If you’ve been considering teeth in a day, all on four, hybrid, or real choice; is important to know at most you are simply getting a temporary denture converted with temporary parts on day of surgery.

Months to Deliver Your Final Teeth

One of these large national companies only give you a temporary denture to wear over the many months they usually take to make your final bridge.

It’s All Temporary

Other large corporate companies constantly advertising on TV their 21st century technology only give you temporary teeth on the day of surgery. Usually months later, with many visits patients receive their permanent teeth.

There are several other offices in the U.S. that advertise true permanent teeth in 24 hours. Let’s compare them with the D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution

All On Six
(D5 Ultra Express)



When our patients have adequate bone and are younger, we feel it is critical to place six implants per arch versus four. Four is the minimum amount of implants needed to support one arch. If one implant fails, the whole bridge is compromised. This means the patient has to have new surgery and a new restoration made. With the D5 Ultra Express by placing six implants in patients with adequate bone, we are over-engineering the restoration by having two implants as back-ups. You can lose up to two implants and in most cases your bridge is still good. Also, by adding two additional implants the force is distributed to more implants when you chew which can reduces the chance of them ever failing. We could save thousands of dollars if we only did all-on-4™ but we don’t, and I know you don’t want to do your bridge over. Again, the all-on-4™ procedure was originally designed for older patients to save them from extensive bone grafting procedures. It was originally never researched for a younger patient that may live forty more years! Just remember all on four™ is great but with “all on three” if you lose one implant you lose the whole bridge and have to have another surgery and new bridge made!

All On Six X-Ray

X-Ray of D5 patient

We have a large percentage of our patients fly in from around the country and we want to do our best to achieve a successful long term solution for them. This is why we over engineer for redundancy!


We urge patients considering an implant supported bridge to do their research. You should call multiple offices offering hybrid bridges and ask certain questions.

  • One, when you say teeth in the day are they the permanent teeth our are only temporary teeth.
  • Second if they’re only temporary teeth how many visits and how many months will it take to get my permanent teeth at your office.
  • Third, what material are they using for the teeth. Are they using denture teeth that don’t compare and strength to a one piece Milled bridge. When you use individual denture teeth they have a tendency when eating hard food or the normal compression of chewing to break off.
  • Fourth, are they using a custom milled one piece digitally designed titanium reinforcing bar for the bridge as opposed to no titanium bar or laser welding titanium parts that cost less to make but don’t compare in strength.
  • Fifth what is the fee? Is it all-inclusive, does it include all extractions, all normal bone graphs except for sinus lifts, all implants, Final restoration, five year unconditional warranty like the D5, all cleanings and normal maintenance for one full year.
  • Last, make sure that you are not getting what is called a “long term provisional”, which is just a fancy term usually for an all plastic temporary restoration. This means at some point when the plastic restoration starts breaking down you didn’t have to pay extra for your final restoration.




D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution may be the best value in the United States at $17,500 per arch until June 30th, 2018. Because of the time savings, if you do two arches, our fee is a remarkable $33,449! This is the total global all-inclusive fee! It includes all extractions if needed, all bone grafts (except full sinus lifts), IV hospital level anesthesia or conscious sedation, your choice. All surgery is done by one of our two board certified surgeons who have placed thousands of implants. It includes all follow-up appointments and cleanings for a year. For more information call David and Associates Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry Phone Number 904-268-0606 and we will answer any questions you might have!

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